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Welcome to my website Feder & Fell Tierkommunikation
(Feather & Fur Animal Communication)


Do you know what your pet is thinking? As a pet owner you know how to interpret the body language of your pet, but do you know what it feels and thinks?

I can help you to communicate with your pet friend and that way help you to get to know each other even better. On my website you can read more about animal communication and how it works.


What is it animal communication about?

An easy way to explain how animal communication works, is to compare it with telepathy. It´s about intuitive communication between souls – ”to listen and feel with the heart”. Everyone is able to learn it, it just requires some practice.

Personally I have a telepathic dialog with the animal, sometimes I also receive information in form of emotions or ”pictures”. Using animal communication I can help you getting to know what your pet feels and thinks, how it sees the neighborhood or what it feels about you as its´ friend and owner. I can also help to mediate in case of a problem.


What is the intention of animal communication?

Through animal communication I want help you and your pet to understand each other even better. Maybe you just want to know what your pet would like or how it feels. Maybe you have a problem that you would like to solve. Or maybe it´s all just a mistake?

Some examples:
- Your pet suddenly behaves strangely and you don´t know why.
- You are going to move and would like to let your pet know it so that it can prepare for the change.
- Maybe your pet is sick and you would like to know how to help.

Please remember that animal communication does not replace a medical examination by a vet! However, it can help to support the medical treatment.


How does it work?

In order to communicate with your pet I need a high resolution photo of the animal. The eyes of the animal have to be clearly visible in the picture. I also need to know the name of your pet and the breed (if possible). Please list a maximum of 10 questions you would like to ask, beginning with the most important questions. All this should be sent per e-mail.

As I work with animal communication beside my day job, I only communicate on weekends and will make an appointment with you ahead of time.

Before I start communicating with your pet I usually meditate in order to get a clear mind. Depending on your questions the dialog with your pet will take up to 90 minutes. Afterwards I will write a report that you will get a copy of.


About me:

I especially like birds. I got my first budgies when I was nine years old. The flock was then enlarged with cockatiels and a senegal parrot. But it was not until we got our cockatoos Konrad and Kajsa that I got in touch with animal communication. Konrad and Kajsa had been badly treated by their previous owners and I wished that I could have asked them about what they had gone through. And guess what – that´s when I got the tip that animal communication really is possible!


Name: Annika Ritari
Born: 1972


1993 – 1999 Studies in cultural sciences at the University of Lueneburg, Germany
2007–2010 animal communication
according to Penelope Smith, education by Esther Maria Griepentrog


Other Courses:
Praktische Neue Homöopathie I - III,
Reiki I and Reiki II (Usui system),
Yin Shin Jyutsu,
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping)
Numerologisch/Pentalogische Geburtsdatenanalyse I - IV (Numerology and birth date)
Certified Shamanic Counselor (CSC)® (according to M. Harner)



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